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Chris and Sara Greenfield

So who am I?

I’ve changed from someone who was so shy that my teacher wouldn’t give me a reference to go to University (I read the small print and got my uncle to give me a reference instead) to someone who now runs three networking groups and spends their life talking to people.

When I was 17 I was too scared to walk up the road, use a phone or catch a bus, but because I’ve always had to face my fears, I’ve actually achieved a huge amount.

I qualified as a lawyer, and moved to London, because that was the place I was most scared of.  I ended up travelling to the Far East with my work and became a partner when I was 3 years qualified, which was very young in those days, especially when there were few women in the profession.

The scariest thing on my first trip to the Far East, was worrying about whether I would fall asleep on the plane and dribble in my sleep -all over my clients! Luckily they took a sleeping tablet, so they slept for the whole journey.

When I had my son, I negotiated a 3 day working week for my full time salary. Those were great times. We were living in Canary Wharf and I used to love wandering along the Thames and meeting friends in a cafe after doing the nursery run.

Then work took over again and I ended up working 7 days a week and missing all my son’s school plays.

After a week’s holiday in Norfolk I decided to give up my job.

Luckily I have an amazing husband, who instead of saying “Are you mad?” said “Ok, I’ll give up my job too”.

Within a month, I had found a franchise business – thebestof – and we looked at a map of the UK to work out where to live.

We visited Norwich one weekend, loved it, and bought the Norwich franchise the next day.

When we moved here we knew no one and had a website with nothing on it. We also knew nothing about running a business.

I had to “unlearn” all my legal writing skills – in the early days I had to re-write everything. We had to learn sales and marketing, but having made a study of all of these things over the past 10 years, we are now very confident in what we do. It feels as if I have done another degree!

In 2015, we left thebestof in order to focus on growing our own business, Bright Yellow Marketing – running social media workshops and managing social media accounts for clients.  We also work with a few local businesses on their general marketing.

In 2013 I published two books: How to Tweet Your Book, based on my experiences tweeting three books for an author client and  LinkedIn Success Strategies: marketing strategies for small businesses, based on the success that I have achieved for my own business by applying strategies to my use of LinkedIn.

Here are my contact details:

Bright Yellow Marketing 

Amazon Author Page



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