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Have You Pinned Yet?

September 15, 2013

Pinterest boards Have you “pinned” yet?

I didn’t realise I was such a visual person until I started using Pinterest. Not surprising, really, given that my father and my brother are artists.

Pinterest started off, for me, as a purely business activity. I thought I would try it out as a way to market my business.

Then it started to become a part of my life in a very personal sense.

Yes, I get business from it – I have sold at least one book via Pinterest, have cemented relationships with clients, and have promoted clients products.

But Pinterest has become something MORE.

I find it relaxing to pin images, with music playing in the background.

My boards have grown as I have started to categorise the images in different ways.

Vague thoughts slip through my head as I ponder ” What is art?” Do you include photography? Are sculptures classed as ” art”?

What do other people see as art?

What are other people’s perceptions of my eclectic ordering of images?

It also gives an insight into other people, and how they see life (“See” being the operative word with Pinterest.)

Interestingly, many people pin images of doors and windows. What does this say about the human psyche? Are pinners typical of the population in general? Is there something about looking through a window that gives you a different view of the world? Is it a wish to escape?

For me, these pins provide a doorway into other countries, other cultures; a different view of the world. They remind you that there is a huge world of different nationalities, cultures and landscapes out there. It is too easy in a county like Norfolk to become parochial, to hide away and forget that the world is a big place – a big place brought much closer through the power of social media.

I don’t want to escape – I like my life – but it is nice every so often to peek through a different window to enjoy the view, to admire beautiful scenery, to “travel” around the world from the comfort of your sofa, and to know that the world can be an exciting, vibrant, beautiful place.

Then the thought occurs to me – this is me, these boards are a history of my life, not just in the pins of favourite places, places I have lived, events we have run, books I have written, clients I have worked with, the images also reflect emotions, a visual perception of the world around me. Each person sees the world with different eyes. When you look at someone’s Pinterest page, you are seeing the world through THEIR eyes, you get fleeting glimpses of what is really important to them, whether they see things in terms of texture or colour, in terms of fashion, travel, home, tech. Everything gives you a subtle impression of the person behind the pins.

Pinterest provides a view of a beautiful world. One where there is no violence. As far as I know, you don’t get Pinterest trolls, I haven’t seen pins depicting violence. Perhaps, then, Pinterest does provide an escape – a glimpse into a utopian world.

And I wonder how long this will last.

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  1. anthony Wickham permalink

    Tell me more! Tell me more! ? ( Grease) Sara about this “thing” Which this little old Norfolk “bor” find a bit int- er- resting Cor blimey! Tell me more! Anthony Wickham

  2. anthony Wickham permalink

    It appears to be very interesting Wish to know more

  3. Hi Anthony, I will write a “how to” post about how to get set up on Pinterest, and let you know when it is live.

  4. Sara, can you let me know as well, at the moment I’m just toying with it 🙂

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