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Why Have I Been Hiding in my 14 Year Old’s Bedroom?

August 26, 2013

LinkedIn tips

I have just finished writing my book on LinkedIn and decided at the same time to create an online course, whilst the research was still fresh in my mind.

I chose to create the course through an online platform called Udemy, because they have stringent requirements as to quality. If I pass their quality control then I will feel much more confident in promoting the course, knowing that I have a quality product.

My son was away at scout camp for the week;I had purposely booked in no meetings this week, so it was the perfect opportunity to focus on my project.

And what better place for screen recording and video editing. than a 14 year old boy’s bedroom, full of gadgets and with no distracting echo.

For a week I turned into a teenager, sitting in a dark room, with curtains closed (to stop the sun reflecting on the screen),  gadgets all around me, plates and cups piling high, whilst I spent as much time as I could in front of the computer.

And what a frustrating week it was. It took me three days to get to grips with the course requirements and learn the software for video editing. I kept thinking he video wasn’t of good enough quality. So I spent Thursday preparing all the non-video aspects of the course.

At 7am Friday morning, I got an email to say that the video was fine, so I spent the rest if the day recording every single bit of video that I thought I would need, with a view to editing it once I was back at my normal desk.  I finished everything just in time to meet my son off the coach and hand him back his bedroom. Phew. Four days of learning and frustration, then a mad panic to get everything done on the last day.

It’s good to have a deadline like that, though, as t does mean that big projects get completed.

And on the topic of LinkedIn, here are some of the tips for creating a great LinkedIn profile that will help you come up in searches (both in search engines and within LinkedIn itself) and to attract the type of business people who you would like as clients.

Sara’s top 5 tips for Optimising Your LinkedIn profile

1. Add a good photo – a head shot is best

2. Make sure that your summary headline ( the wording under your name) contains key words and explains to people how you can help them. Although the box is not large, you can actually fit about two sentences in this space. If you are looking to work with local people make sure you include your local area in this wording. For example if you are an accountant who is looking for local clients, you might say one thing like “Norwich-based accountant who loves helping small business owners save money.”

3. Make sure you have completed the main summary section in full. If you have opened a LinkedIn account recently, you may have to go looking for this section and move it up the page.

4. Move sections up and down the page, so that you have the most important sections ( in terms of promoting your business) at the top of the page.  You can do this by clicking on the double arrow icon that looks like this:

LinkedIn profile tip

5. Go into Contact details and add 3 web links. Add key words into the website description.

To do this, click on the drop down arrow where it says “company website” and click “other”. This will add in an extra column, which will allow you to add a description of your web link.

Website Links on contact info

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