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Google Plus – What’s Your Story?

April 28, 2013

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Google Plus introduced “Communities” a short while ago and I think it is a real game-changer. I think it will at some point catapult Google Plus into the lead social media platform.

Google Plus is still a little hard going in terms of local interaction, but if you have a product that can be sold worldwide, or interests that span the globe, then Google Plus is an exciting platform.

In relation to my local business, I post to Google Plus and persevere in doing so even though there isn’t much interaction with local people, because I am sure that it will grow in time. In the meantime it is an opportunity to stand out in front of a small number of people, and, of course, benefit from the links to your website and Google authorship.

Google Plus really came into its own when I published a book and joined some writing communities.

Not only did I pick up some great tips, I found beta-readers and got to know people from across the globe.

No social media platform stands alone, so when I combined Twitter and Google Plus in terms of marketing, the results were powerful.

Social media works well for me because I’m inquisitive (i.e. nosy), I’m genuinely interested in people, and I like reading and learning.

I come across lots of blogs, read them, find the author on Twitter or Google Plus, follow them, re-tweet them, reply to them on Google Plus and generally interact with them. I only do this when I have something genuine to say and am genuinely interested in that person.

Sometimes I also buy their book.

Even though I use social media primarily for marketing, I do it in an organic way that combines my personal interests.

This might sound like I’m a stalker, but you know that old marketing adage that people need to see your name seven times before they remember you, and probably a lot more than that before they buy from you?

Well, when people see me on a number of different platforms they are more likely to remember me.

There was one time this week, though, when I did worry that I was looking like a stalker.

There is a poet in one of the writing communities who has been publishing a lot of his poems on Google Plus. I don’t always like poetry, but I love his poems. They speak to me, and stir up emotion in the same way that beautiful music can touch your soul.

As I said, I’m nosy, so I tried to find out more about him.

There wasn’t much online, so I messaged him asking if he was going to publish a book of his poetry. He replied that he had only been writing since February.

I see his poems all the time when I log into Google Plus. I want to show my admiration for his work, and I know how much praise means to an author, but the question is, if I constantly promote him and give each poem a +1 do I look like a stalker, or will he be grateful for the praise?

If he published a book of poetry I would gladly buy it.

And I think that’s the key both for authors and businesses in general – it’s about finding a way, through writing blogs, publishing excerpts of your work, and interacting with people, to create a “like, trust, buy” scenario, to draw people to you who will naturally like you.

I run a ladies networking event called Coffee at Caistor. Each month we ask for three volunteers to speak for five minutes about themselves. We ask them to talk about their life – how they got to where they are – not to try to sell us their products.

On the odd occasion that someone just does a sales pitch it doesn’t go down very well. On all other occasions we hear some great life stories. People remember stories, and usually come away liking that person much more. When you like someone you are more likely to buy from them.

I remember so many people from that group by their story. Often it has completely changed my impression of them – for the good.

As most authors are masters of stories, this is the ideal way to promote their work – blogging and the use of social media platforms is the online equivalent of telling your story as a subtle sales pitch.

If you are a business, it is useful to find a way to tell your story – how your business came about, the story behind your products, the people behind the business.

Sometimes when I have been struggling to write a sales email, I will sit in a cafe and think about the story.

Those emails which have a story get a much better response than our normal emails.

What do you think? Have you bought a product after reading something online? Do you like getting to know the author when you buy a book? What do you think of Google Plus? Has it worked for you?

And finally…..what’s your story? Feel free to share.

Author: Sara Greenfield

  1. Morning Sara, I enjoyed reading this and then I started to chuckle! Thank you. I trust you will have a wonderful day

  2. I love your ideas Sara, so simple yet so impactful. Oh and I know what you mean about feeling like a stalker sometimes but its good to show appreciation and I’ve not yet visited anyone at home 🙂

  3. Thank you Emma. Of course, being nosy I had a nose around your blog. It’s a great blog. I’ve subscribed and look forward to the updates.

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