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Free Promo and Other Ramblings

April 21, 2013

No 1 UK Sales and Marketing

This weekend I did a free promotion on Kindle of  “How to Tweet Your Book” – primarily in order to get some reviews, but also to help to increase awareness of the book.

Amazon now only show reviews from people who have bought the book and, although people reviewed the book before I published it, it seemed rather rude to ask them to buy the book AND write a review – hence the free promotion this weekend.

I am usually very organised, with lists all over the place, but was a bit slap-dash with this promotion, probably as I was tired after a week running two networking events, as well as all the usual day to day work running a business – all with a cold. I am very aware that although it is tempting to sit all weekend at the laptop or ipad, and it doesn’t feel like work, I need to rest or do something different, otherwise I am too tired the following week.

I always think of myself as a lucky person (you can read the guest blog that I wrote for the Norwich Business School here) and, right on cue, on Friday evening, just as I was getting ready for the free promotion on the weekend, an email newsletter popped into my in-box “72 Places to Promote your Kindle Book When it’s Free” 

So, on Saturday morning I  posted details of the book on the promo websites that didn’t need any prior notice, and I posted some links to facebook, Twitter and Google Plus, as well as contacting my previous reviewers direct.

By mid-afternoon my book was #1 in the Sales and Marketing category on Amazon kindle.

Much of the social media work was done on my ipad stretched out on the sofa, or between watching my favourite Saturday evening TV programmes – a useful distraction from the ads.

This morning it was a glorious sunny day so I went for a run, sat in the garden reading, and did odd bits of promotion on the ipad – not as much as I had planned because the rare good weather was too good to be spent indoors. The only bit of real promotion I did was to send an email to one of my databases and I also added a discussion on one of my LinkedIn groups. I could have messaged all of my LinkedIn contacts but decided against it at this point.

It’s now Sunday afternoon and the book is still #1 in the Sales and Marketing category on, #2 in the Marketing category on and #3 in the Sales and Selling category on

It will be interesting to see how it performs after the promo, but the best part is that I have gained some wonderful reviews and have been overwhelmed by the support of people I know, including quite a few social media professionals.

Here is some of the feedback:

“This book is an absolute MUST HAVE, especially if you’re an author. Whatever you use Twitter for you’ll be glad you have this book to guide you. I had taken advice from top authors and media experts that any business should only concentrate on two social media platforms and that Twitter and Google plus were the main ones. I therefore threw myself into the muddy waters of Twitter and was struggling to swim upstream. However, fortune favours the brave (who dares wins) and I bumped into Saras book, it was like climbing into a boat and the book very clearly guided me. It still is the only ‘how-to’ guide for Twitter I need.”

“With so many social media to use, I’ve found myself overwhelmed. But this book on using Twitter to market my books is great. In simple straightforward language it covers how to use Twitter, when to use it, what to say in your Tweets, how to get followers and turn them into “active” followers. I never thought of using Twitter for marketing and staying connected to my fans, but the tips and advice in this book make it so easy, I’d be nuts to not make Twitter a key part of my marketing. This is a great book for beginners interested in building a following through Twitter, along with your other social media.”

It is actually a very scary process putting your book out there into the public realm, so these reviews are so welcome.

It feels as if I have made a part of me public, and I keep wondering whether I sometimes say too much. I am a very honest person – I would find it impossible to be something that I am not, but that honesty makes you vulnerable.

This is probably one of the biggest things that people struggle with – it cuts straight  into the “what to Tweet” dilemma. How much of your Self should you expose to the public; where is the line between personal and business?

As a small business owner, it is easy to blur the lines, and, although scary, that is part of my success online.

If you are an employee, then it is much more difficult.

What are your views? How much of a line do you draw between your public and private life?

Author: Sara Greenfield

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