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Non-Celebrity “Celebrity” Twitter accounts.

April 12, 2013

Something that annoys me on Twitter:

It’s not often that I get annoyed with people but one thing that does annoy me is when a person or company gets too big for their boots and unfollows most of their followers. They do this because they think it makes it look like they are someone special- in other words, they are so wonderful that thousands of people follow them, but they are too busy and important to follow other people back.

I get updates on followers and unfollowers using a tool called Socialtoo – this gives me a daily email with a list of follows / unfollows. I can easily follow people direct from this email – it saves me lots of time.

After getting back from holiday and catching up with these emails, I noticed that a large local agency had unfollowed me. When I looked at their Twitter stream I saw that they suddenly had a lot of followers but were following very few people.

I was not surprised because their email newsletters are all about “me, me, me” – they are full of “what we have done recently” rather than giving any useful information.

I don’t actually mind people unfollowing me – I rarely look at my Twitter following, unlike the early days when you avidly watch your followers increase, hoping to get to the first hundred, then the first thousand. Nowadays my personal Twitter account seems to take care of itself and my focus is on other, newer accounts that I am growing.

So if I don’t worry too much about people unfollowing me, why was I so annoyed? I was annoyed because it is the height of arrogance for a business to place themselves on a pedestal and think they are too important to follow other people. What they are saying is that they have no interest in the tweets of anyone but themselves.

Personally I think this stance will backfire. If I look at an account that follows back very few people, I won’t usually follow them, unless they are a thought leader and I know that they tweet exceptionally useful information.

The same thing happened a few years ago. I followed someone on Twitter, re-tweeted them lots, chatted to them lots, even bought their book. Then one day they decided to unfollow everyone to make their account look like they were a “celebrity” account. Well, you can guess my reaction. I unfollowed them and stopped interacting with them. If they lost one avid fan, like me, I wonder how many other fans they lost.

The essence of Twitter is that you take an interest in other people – it is called “social” media for a reason.

Anyway, rant over – hope I’m not turning into a grumpy old woman.

I’m actually a cheerful, half glass full type person, and rarely criticise others – only when it comes to Twitter DMs and non-celebrity “celebrity” Twitter accounts!


Author: Sara Greenfield

From → Social Media

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  1. Thanks for that Sara, I’m sure you felt better for writing that down! Very interesting and worthy of note.

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