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Yes, Google Plus does work for business!

November 12, 2012

I loved Google Plus when it first came out, and knew it inside out – I even recorded some training videos on how to use it.

Then they changed the layout, and I fell out of love with it for a while.

Now I remember to visit it occasionally, just fleeting visits, begrudgingly, as you would an elderly aunt who can’t remember who you are.

On one of those visits, I noticed that one of my followers came originally from the same city as I did – we both studied in the same locality and starting reminiscing about the concorde engine tests which used to disrupt our lessons and make the whole building shake. Oh happy days (not!)

That was quite some time ago, and to be honest, it had almost slipped my mind.

Then I went to a networking event the other morning and a gentleman came up to me and said “Are you Sara?”

“I thought you were. We were chatting on Google Plus. I thought I recognised your profile”

The penny dropped – he was the person who also “enjoyed” the sound of engine testing whilst growing up.

He had recognised me from my profile picture and obviously has a much better memory than I do.

He runs a fantastic local business and we will probably meet up at some point.

So, perhaps I will be visiting that “great aunt” called Google Plus a little more often now, and a little less begrudgingly.

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