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3 great things I have done this year

September 22, 2012

I know it’s not the end of the year yet but over the summer I was thinking about all the things we’ve done so far this year and there are three things that stand out from a personal point of view.

The first is setting up better follow up systems.

We are rubbish at follow up – we are so busy organising networking events, exhibitions, print runs, blogs, updating the website, keeping in touch with clients, social media, training …..that we forget to follow up sales leads!

Yes, I know – sounds daft!

This year I took my ipad into the office between meetings and sat and focussed on writing follow up e-mails and setting up automated systems.

This has been one of the best things I have done this year in terms of business productivity.

The second best thing that I have done this year is join a running club. The last few years have been difficult for most people, but joining Dynamic Fitness running club has made me feel healthy and happy, which has a knock on effect on the business.

It gives me a positive mindset and also happens to get rid of those horrible aches in my shoulders that I get from sitting too long at the computer.

It took me a whole year to pluck up courage to go to the running club – I am not a sporty person and don’t like group activities much, but now I’ve joined, I love it. The people at Dynamic Fitness are great – very patient and good fun.

Finally, we went on holiday. We have taken holidays locally and have met up with family over the past few years but it has been about four years since we went abroad.

Chris’ father died this year and his one regret was not taking our son on holiday to Disneyland.

Our son isn’t too fussed about Disneyland now, but he was overjoyed to find that we’d booked a last minute holiday on a Greek Island.

I have a funny child – he doesn’t like beaches much – it’s usually us saying “let’s go to the beach” and dragging him there. He loves swimming, though, so we booked an apartment on a hillside with a swimming pool and stunning views.

It was the most perfect holiday you could wish for, even down to the fact that it had permanent shade for me – I hate following the shade of the umbrella around all day and coming out with red bits from where I forgot to move.

So those were the best things I’ve done this year.

Added to that, of course would be all the other things that we do as part of the business such as a marquee at the Norfolk Show, running a B2B exhibition, co-running three networking groups, social media week Norwich, national marketing campaigns, organising outdoor media, running training courses, tweeting a book, blogging about our clients, and much more, all of it great fun but exhausting – hence the holiday!

Now I’m back, raring to go with a new website and loads of new things planned.

We went to our national conference with our the bestof franchisors this week, and they have some stunning marketing for us to utilise. So, having been on the radio this morning and run up a hill three times today with a client, I’m back on the laptop ready to leap into action and implement all our new ideas from the conference.

What has been the highlight of your year so far? What have you implemented this year that has helped your business or private life? It would be great to hear.

Sara Greenfield

The Best of Norwich

Bright Yellow Marketing

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