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“When having a law degree is of no help at all” – Stumped by the self-service check-outs.

August 6, 2012



Today was a firm reminder about just how bad I am with technology (except for the iPhone and iPad, which I managed to work out quite easily)

I needed to get some water and biscuits on my way in to the office, and Tesco Express was the easiest place to go as I was in a rush.

I was already struggling carrying my laptop bag, a bag with all the things that I can’t fit in my laptop bag, and my handbag, so I went around the shop balancing all my bags along with the three items I wanted to buy.

I got to the till and there wasn’t a person in sight.

I usually refuse to use the self serve checkouts -they’re way too scary – but as no one appeared at the tills for a few minutes I gave up waiting and thought I’d have a go.

I found the bar code and scanned the first item – 6 bottles of water.

“Yes, I can do this,” I thought ” Simple”

They only had small carrier bags so I just about fitted the water in and thought

“I’ll put the other items in my laptop bag”

So, I scanned the biscuits and put them in my laptop bag.

“This isn’t as scary as I thought”

Then I tried to scan the third item – and scanned -and scanned.

It wouldn’t go through.

A voice behind me said “don’t put it in your bag”

Then I realised that I was supposed to keep the items on the bag shelf, not put them away in my bag on the floor.

I took the biscuits out of my bag and put them back on the bag shelf next to the checkout, looked behind me and saw this huge queue!

There had been no one when I started!

By this time I was feeling really stupid.

I quickly scanned the screen to work out how to pay, whilst putting my items back in my bag at my feet.

It wouldn’t work!

Then I realised that the items needed to stay on the checkout still, so out of my bag they came for the second time, back on the bag packing area.

Now I was feeling really really stupid.

And there were still people queuing behind me. I didn’t dare look at their faces.

I managed to put my money in, get the change, pack the items into my bag for the THIRD time, gather all my other bags from the floor, pack my purse away and scurry red-faced from the shop.

I won’t be trying that again in a hurry.

A very good reason to buy from local independents, with their personal service – I don’t embarrass myself quite so much.

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