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How an African Chief Uses Twitter to Maintain Order In His Kenyan Village

February 29, 2012

I love the randomness of  Twitter – how it reaches across the globe and can bring communities together.

This was a great article that I found on Mashable – @Chiefkariuki uses tweets to defeat thieves, locate missing children and farm animals and to organise village logistics.

In one example criminals were raiding a school teacher’s home at 4am. After receiving a phone call, Kariuki sent a tweet to village residents, who gathered outside and scared the robbers away.

Although the Chief only has 400 followers, his messages are able to reach thousands of the area’s 28,000 residents who access his tweets via forwarded text messages on a third party mobile application that works without a smartphone.

This makes complete sense, as Twitter started off based on sms messages – hence the 140 character limit.

The Chief says his Twitter activity has helped decrease the crime rate to virtually nil in recent weeks.

What stories have you found that have taken your fancy?


Sara Greenfield

Bright Yellow Marketing

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One Comment
  1. Liz Graveling permalink

    I love this – such a great use of Twitter. Last year I worked on a research project looking at financial services in Kenya, including MPESA, which allows money to be sent by text (something like it has just been introduced in the UK). Nearly everyone uses it – it’s great to see cutting-edge technology benefiting everyday people.

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