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Why am I following the Muppets?

December 5, 2011

I always hated the Muppets when I was younger. Don’t know why – I just did.

So why am I following them now?

Well, they have been very clever in their use of Google Plus.

“Google Plus? What’s that?” you might ask.

Google Plus is the latest social media platform – and they have just introduced Google Plus Pages for Business.

Before you jump in and create a page, there are a few things to bear in mind – at the moment they only allow one person to control the page – although this is soon to change. We always adviseĀ businesses to make sure that more than one person can access all your social media, in case that member of staff leaves.

As with facebook, you cannot run a competition directly on your Google Plus page.

Creating a business page is very easy, although it is not so easy to then work out how to edit the page! I still have to think about it for a few minutes.

Here are my Google Plus pages – you are welcome to circle me – I will circle you back.

So what did the Muppets do that was so clever? They were one of the first to ride the wave of a new social media platform. They have great visuals, and humour – who would have thought that you could have a “hangout” with Miss Piggy?

Take a look at their Google Plus page here.

Just don’t play the theme tune videos when your child is in the room – they will drive you nuts singing it around the house for the rest of the evening! Or is that just me?

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