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Today I got a bill paid

November 7, 2011

As  owners of thebestofnorwich we luckily don’t have too many problems with late payment, as most of our clients pay by direct debit.

There are, however, occasions when we rely on people to pay by cheque.

One of those payments has been outstanding for a long time.

Now, we pick and choose our clients, and tend to be very fond of them, so until now, there have been gentle reminders and the odd phone call. I know that this particular client is an exceptionally busy family run business and they are usually run off their feet.

I might be naive, but I choose to be a “nice” business person – so, instead of sending a threatening letter when my patience really had worn out, I came up with a more creative solution.

I sent a front sheet saying in red capitals


Underneath, I attached a letter saying

“Please Please pay my invoices”

I then went on to say in effect that we were both family run businesses and that we have given them a lot of leeway because we like and trust them. We want to continue being able to recommend them so please can they pay the invoices.


Payment the same day, an apology, and an offer to set up a direct debit to avoid future problems!

So, one happy customer retained, and no more bills for me to chase.

It does sometimes pay to be nice.

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  1. Like you, I prefer to be a nice business person, using the well worn phrase “treat people the way you want to be treated yourself”. It’s heartening to think that sometimes works, well done.

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