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More Examples of Social Media in Action

October 25, 2011

Everyone is being encouraged to use social media  – but without examples of how it works in real life for everyday businesses, it is hard for some businesses to understand whether it is worth putting in the time. 

Last week we had some great examples of how social media fits in with all our business activities.

Chris and I own thebestofnorwich – promoting recommended local businesses. We only take on a few of each type of business, and only people who we like and feel that we can recommend. Although a lot of what we do revolves around the website (with a new website coming shortly) we also do a lot of networking and generally look out for opportunities for our clients.

Social media is perfect for this – and it’s not just about facebook and twitter.

Just this week someone sent me a message on LinkedIn asking me if I could recommend a business – I put them in touch with one of my clients and received this tweet from them:

“Hi Sara thanks for the linked in recommendation recently that has landed me another client :)”

Now, not only did one of my bestofnorwich clients benefit from my LinkedIn connections, everyone could see his tweet thanking us for getting him more business – a win win for us, our client, and the person who asked us for help in the first place.

I had also sent out some LinkedIn invitations for some social media training that we were running – the LinkedIn invites  prompted almost as many bookings as one of our e-mails. I try not to use the LinkedIn invites too often, though, as they could annoy people if over used.

In the same week another client sent us this tweet:

“@bestofnorwich Had someone phone 2day re house history research after seeing one of your tweets So well done you two.”

This came from Gill Blanchard, who owns a historical research business, Past Search.

 I had written a blog on our bestofnorwich website about how businesses can use historical research about their premises to provide a different marketing angle.  Although I wrote the blog a few months ago, I tweeted it from our website the other day just in case people had missed it – and, as you can see – it worked.

I think the main message from this is that social media works for us (and our bestofnorwich clients) because we combine all the social media channels with our website, and because we have worked at building up a targeted following, whether it is LinkedIn connections, Twitter followers or Facebook fans.

Do you have any stories of social media working for you?

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