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Twitter in action at the Farmer’s Market

October 10, 2011

I had a wonderful day on Saturday – I had gone into Norwich for the launch of my new client – The Orange Grove Clinic – a natural health clinic near the Maddermarket Theatre.

As I can’t help juggling tasks, I’d decided to drop off a cheque to someone, return a cd to another client and drop into another client (Kumon Norwich Study Centre) to hand them their bestofnorwich certificate and take some photos of them.

All this on my way to the launch.

I got the bus in to save finding parking spaces and on the way got engrossed in twitter.

I happened to see a tweet about the Norwich Farmer’s Market taking place at the Forum, so, of course, on my way to my various errands, I took a detour to  the Farmer’s Market – and ended up with a jar of pickled pears, 2 scones, 2 chocolate brownies, and a pork pie  – and spent the whole day trying not to squash them.

I forgot I was on my way to see clients and therefore should have been trying to look a little bit professional. Add to that my disastrous attempts to go “smart casual”  – it was Saturday after all – a combination of squashed brownies in my bag and “scruffy casual” probably didn’t do my credibility as a smart business woman too much good, but I still had a great day.

So where does twitter come into all this, other than my detour to the market?

Well,  as soon as I saw a stand with local vinegar products, I  vaguely recalled reading a tweet about how raspberry vinegar can be good for sore throats.  I don’t remember consciously reading this tweet – I must have skimmed over it when looking at my twitter stream.

This was enough to draw me to their stand – and that’s how I ended up with their business card in my hand and a jar of pickled pears in my bag.

This happened with many of the stalls – I had seen them on twitter and immediately was drawn to their stand, not to mention saying hello to the wonderful Sarah Pettigrew of Brays Cottage (@Brays_Cottage) – one of the first people I heard about and followed when I started using twitter a few years ago.

And the launch of the Orange Grove Clinic? When I eventually got there, (after another detour to explore the source of some music emanating from a church) I got there with plenty of  time for the opening speeches and then ended up trying to take part in an NLP  demonstration with a champagne glass clutched in one hand. Thank goodness they didn’t spot the brownies!

The Clinic, by the way, is a wonderful place, offering all sorts of treatments, yoga and personal development classes – well worth a visit.

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  1. Glad you enjoyed #NDFM Sara – and found @ScrubbyOak – funny you should mention the tweet about their vinegar being good for soar throats – because that was a tweet from me to @Brays_Cottage (although I was recommending the Thyme variety – I think the botanical oils add to the efficacy).

    Best wishes


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