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Turning facebook “spam” posts on your page into potential clients.

September 26, 2011

I am trying to keep a diary of social media in action and below  is a great example on our Facebook Page.

I don’t know about you, but we get people trying to promote their businesses on our facebook pages.

One example is our Norfolk Netwalking page.

Someone we don’t know, who doesn’t come netwalking and who probably doesn’t live in the area, posted a link for “cheap diesel”. We’re usually fairly relaxed about subtle promotions, but we did remove this particular post.

We use our bestofnorwich facebook page to promote our clients, who are businesses which we have vetted and who we recommend, so it creates a bit of a dilemma when non-clients post on the page.

The solution has been to turn it around – if it is a Norwich based business, they are a prospective client – so we ask them if they would like to be featured as a recommended business.

This makes it clear on the page that we are not recommending them, but opens the door to a new client.

The series of posts in the image below are a great example of Facebook working in this way.

Facebook in action

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