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Who Do You Connect with on LinkedIn?

September 4, 2011

I get constant requests to connect with people on LinkedIn – some people claim they’ve worked with me (must have been in their dreams!) some are local to me, some have no other contacts and some add a nice message to remind me where we met.

Which of these do I connect with?

Which of these would you connect with?

I try to only connect with people I know, or who are local to me and who I may be able to do business with, but as the requests keep coming in, I keep wondering what other people do.

So I did a quick poll on Twitter and it was surprising the vehemence of the replies.

One person refuses point blank to connect with anyone they don’t know, one person kindly sent me a direct message reminding me to google people as there are lots of fake cvs on LinkedIn.

It seems that there is no hard and fast rule.

I link up with people if they are local, as I run lots of local events and my business in the main is targeted at local businesses.

Norwich is such a close community that I meet up with most of these connections at some point, even if they start out as unknown people.

I had a phone call just today from a new business in Norwich who had seen one of my tweets on LinkedIn. We’re not currently connected on LinkedIn but I’ve invited them to some of our events and once I’ve met them or chatted to them online, I’ll send them a LinkedIn invitation to connect.

It does worry me, though, that once you get over the magic “500” connections, people will think that your connections are not genuine.

What are your views on this? What do you do with all the requests to connect?

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