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Ramblings of a social media junkie

August 7, 2011

I am so pleased with myself.

In an attempt to become more organised I’ve been putting e-mails into urgent and non-urgent folders.

In the non-urgent folder are articles and updates on social media and marketing.

I always read a few articles a day, but file the others in the non-urgent folder. I’ve finally got around to reading these and have been getting very excited at all the new things I’ve been trying out.

I set up Evernote nearly two years ago on the recommendation of someone, but couldn’t get my head around it. I thought I’d give it another try the other day and finally it makes sense.

It could be that I’ve become so much more used to using all these apps and programmes.

Dropbox, for example, has been a fantastic solution as a collaboration tool. Jing has helped me record quick tutorials for our training – and it’s all free.

Evernote led me to some great apps, such as for copying text from the web and adding it into a word document and I’m just trying out xobni for Outlook Express. At the moment it looks fantastic – it makes it easy to find your contacts, their social media links and collates your e-mail conversations.

The only trouble with a lot of these is that they can slow down the computer, and I am always a bit wary in case there are any security issues.

Whilst uploading Evernote to my web browser, I found my feedly stream.

Chris, my husband and business partner, laughs at me, as I’m a bit dim when it comes to the technical side of computing, and I often download things and then haven’t a clue where they have gone. Luckily Chris has a lot of knowledge on the technical side, which has been immensely valuable in our business.

I set up feedly a while ago, wondered briefly where it went, forgot all about it, and then found it by chance yesterday.

All I had to do was to open up one of my web browsers -it just happens to be the one I don’t like using, which is why I hadn’t spotted it!

I am feeling very stupid – but I am learning all the time. It all seems so simple once you know something.

It is useful to have that confused feeling, though.

When we train people, it is easy to forget how confusing things seem when they are new. This was brought home to me the other day when I had a go at using Empire Avenue. There was that horrible feeling of being completely confused – nothing made sense.

I thought “This is how it felt when I first started using twitter”. I try to remember this when we are running twitter training workshops and our attendees are using twitter for the first time.

They always say that the people who think they know the least actually know a lot. This applied when I was in the law. The most confident people actually were sometimes the worst lawyers, because they didn’t know what they didn’t know, if you know what I mean. 

Anyway, having found feedly, I spotted an article about the new Foursquare business pages, so I quickly fired off a blog, using my newly learned skills on WordPress. That blog had quite a few re-tweets and yesterday was my third busiest day for traffic on my WordPress blog.

It sounds boring in a blog, but do you know what I was feeling yesterday? Excitement.

Finding new ways to work, trying out new things is exciting. It feeds ideas.

I love the way people are coming up with new products all the time – it creates so many possiblilities that weren’t here a few years ago.

The only downside? Dinner often gets burned because I am too busy getting excited about finding things like feedly, trying new apps, learning about new things and thinking what an amazing world this has become.

Here are links to some of the products I have mentioned:



Empire Avenue (confusing but great for keeping track on your social media clout)





And, not mentioned in the blog, but it has transformed my accounts – Kashflow – an easy to use online bookeeping and accounting package.

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