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Fantastic News From Foursquare

August 6, 2011

We have been using Foursquare ever since it came to the UK  – I had been keeping my eye on it for a while before it came over here and when it did, I was over the moon.

We immediately told all our bestofnorwich venue clients to sign up and claim their venue. Most of them looked at us with glassy eyes or gave us that look that said “ok, we like you but you’re just a bit mad”

We tried to get a Foursquare swarm at one of our exhibitions – but didn’t quite get enough people. Now, of course, more and more people are signing up and using Foursquare – we were just a bit early.

Here are some interesting facts about the huge growth of Foursquare, but even if only a small percentage of the general public use Foursquare, why would a venue of other business not want to tap into this free marketing tool?

So, I was very pleased today when I saw that Foursquare now allow you to set up your own business page. Until now, only venues were able to do this. I had put in an application ages ago for my page and nothing was happening. Foursquare was swamped with applications, so they have created an easy way for businesses to create their own pages.

Here is an excerpt of their notes on how to create your page:

“There are 3 requirements to creating your very own foursquare Page:

1. You must have a foursquare user account. You can sign up for an account here if you don’t already have one –

2. You agree to foursquare’s Terms of Service.

3. You have a Twitter account which you can link to your new foursquare Page (as your foursquare Page will be

Once you have created your Page, you will be redirected to your Page Settings page ( ). From here, there are just a few more steps to complete your Page and have it be featured in the foursquare Page Gallery:

1. Complete your Page Profile. This includes uploading your picture and banner images, writing a Page description and providing links to your other web destinations:

2. Link your account to Facebook, so you can share what you post on foursquare with your followers there. This should be done right from the Settings page.

3. Leave Tips at at least 5 places for the foursquare community to discover. Do this by visiting any venue page in the database and typing a Tip in the “Tips” box on the left side of the Page.

After you have completed these 3 steps, navigate back to your Settings page and checking off the “Feature me!” checkbox to be featured in the Page Gallery.”

Now, my only question was whether to set up a separate Foursquare account in the business name, or whether to show the page as linking to my personal account.

In most cases I am happy for my personal account to link to any social media – Chris and I are the business and I hate impersonal business profiles, but Foursquare is a bit different – people can see where you are at any given time when you check in and, as a woman, I am very careful what I show for safety reasons.

I am still playing around with that idea, so any thoughts would be appreciated.

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  1. This is great news from four square

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