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Re-Tweets are Good, Aren’t They?

July 22, 2011

One of the things that makes Twitter “social” is the ability to re-tweet something – not only is it a way to broadcast useful information to your followers, it is also a compliment to the person who tweeted it.

I saw someone speak at an event last year and they made such an impression that I signed up for their e-newsletter and I avidly read all their blogs.

One of the blogs was so good that I went to the effort of copying the url and tweeting the link (they didn’t have a share button on the blog!)

That was about five months ago.

Now, every week or so, that person re-tweets my original tweet.

I didn’t mind the first few times, but when it happens again and again, I’m beginning to wonder when they are planning to stop, or is it going to go on ….and on… and on…

When someone writes something particularly nice about me, I must admit, my fingers itch and I usually give in to the temptation to re-tweet it – a bit of self promotion can’t do too much harm.

Twitter etiquette has evolved from twitter users themselves, and I’ve seen other people do this. I don’t get offended by it, unless they do it constantly, in which case, if you’re British, it goes against our inherent need to appear self effacing and reticent rather than “blowing our own trumpet”.

When I saw another re-tweet of the tweet that I did  four or five months ago, I had a fit of pique and was about to tweet them to ask how long they were planning to keep using my tweet for their own self-promotion. 

Then I suddenly thought “Wait a minute. Here is a hugely influential person – a writer and speaker – and he’s re-tweeting my tweet. I should be pleased and flattered – after all it’s giving me publicity!”

I’m a bit non-plussed now as to why I was feeling so annoyed.

Isn’t it funny how a different perspective on something can totally turn it around.

It is an interesting question as to twitter etiquette, though. What do you think?  Do you think it is acceptable to keep re-tweeting something that blatantly promotes you?



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