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Today I Got Very Angry

July 14, 2011

Today I got very angry. It doesn’t happen often.

In my old job I used to spend my day dealing with problems (fire fighting, in other words!).  I wanted my team to feel that they could come to me with problems before they got too huge – because of my years of experience I could usually find a solution.  It was no use getting angry all the time – I just used to think “well, it’s done now, let’s find a solution”

And if things got really bad I’d think of the guy who brought down Barings Bank and think “Well, at least I won’t bring down a bank.”

What I love about running my own business now is that I don’t have to do that anymore. Yes, there are the usual day to day niggles, but overall it’s great fun and I love what I do.

We have, however, had a long running saga with something that isn’t huge in the scheme of things, but has been niggling me. We agreed to pay for something which we didn’t really want, but thought it would help out a client.  Yes, I know, we’re probably too nice, but that’s just how we are.

Everything you can think of has gone wrong and it has ended up costing us more money. It’s not their fault, and it’s not really the fault of any of the people involved in between – it’s just one of those things.

One final thing went wrong today,though – and it made me mad! As much with myself as with anyone else.

Now, I always try to tweet only positive things, but how  my fingers were itching.

I wrote 3 tweets – and deleted them all.  Then I compromised and tweeted something – then regretted it. I even went into LinkedIn and deleted the tweets, because I see LinkedIn as an online cv – and they wouldn’t have looked good.

However – and this is where twitter comes into it’s own – one of my friends on twitter said “can I lend you a DM ear?” and I spouted off the whole story in private, got lots of sympathy and feel much better.

Not that it stopped me from writing this post – but I thought it was a great way of saying “don’t write things in anger on twitter” and – twitter provides a great support network.

Oh, and the thing I got mad about?

It’s only really a tiny thing – it definitely won’t bring down a bank.

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