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July 12, 2011

I have this scary knack of thinking things – and they happen! I looked at a Marina in Docklands every day on my way to work and used to think “I’d love to own a flat there, but would never be able to afford to”  – within a year, I owned a flat there – never lived in it, mind, but it was the ownership that was important.

A few years later I thought “I’d love to work 3 days a week but keep my full time salary – but it would never happen” – about 6 months later – I was working for 3 days a week for my full time salary.

My life seems full of synchronicity.

If you read books like the Luck Factor or Quirkology by Robert Wiseman, then it is not actually anything paranormal, but just the abililty to spot things by being in the right frame of mind.

Take just now, for example, I spotted a tweet from someone asking if anyone knew the average age of twitter users so that they could compare it with facebook. I knew I’d read it somewhere but couldn’t remember where. 

Then what happened? One of the Marketing businesses that I follow on twitter posted an article about exactly this topic – how different age groups interact across the web – and very interesting it is too.

So, someone superstitious would say it was second sight or something. Logically, it is probably because I have an interest in marketing / all things social media and follow lots of people / subscribe to articles on this subject.

In the same way, I would never have thought of asking to work 3 days a week if I hadn’t heard of someone else getting that salary for part time work  and had the thought “I’d like that”.

A little part of me, though, is a teeny bit superstitious – so I try very hard not to think BAD thoughts!

  1. Sharing is the answer (to the question, ‘how do I get lucky’).

  2. Oh Sarah – synchronicity indeed! Saw you yesterday and then as I sit here reading my digital a.m. alert I see you again! And I was thinking that I must get along to Coffee at Caistor . I believe!

    May you have many more good synchronicity events!


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