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When ITV Contact You.

July 4, 2011

Continuing my theme about real life examples of how social media and a good website can work in tandem – it’s easy to  forget that the mainstream media are monitoring social media, and you never know what this will lead to.

I have had phone calls from Radio Stations asking me for recommendations of local businesses and whenever a TV programme is centred around Norwich, we are contacted by HTV and Channel Four to help find local people to take part in their shows.

I think this is partly because our focus is very targeted on Norwich, so we come up well in searches, but we are also seen as active on social media, and this always forms part of the request for publicity.

I was invited to one meeting – I thought it was a focus group or something for a new programme, but got there to find the Director of the East of England BBC, the producers and presenters and two journalists. When I asked why they had invited me, they said that I was seen as “influential”.

This had never occurred to me before then – I just tweeted about Norwich and my clients.

Because I love social media, it was never anything I had to work too hard at – it was (and still is) like a hobby.

I think if you try too hard, you don’t always get results  – it’s when you just do what you love, that the results come to you.

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