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Today is Independents Day – what independent businesses do you use?

July 4, 2011

Today is all about encouraging people to use an independent business.

This is fairly easy for me, as we live in a market town, and work in Norwich. Our business is all about promoting local independent businesses, both through thebestofnorwich and our social media marketing and training.

This got me thinking about a blog I wrote a few months ago – I had meandered through Norwich after a meeting and ended up visiting a number of shops and cafes along the way. I say “meandered”, because instead of taking the straightest route, I decided to pop in and see some of the business people who I’d chatted to on twitter.

It suddenly occurred to me how powerful twitter can be for these local businesses. As you can see from my Norwich blog, I wouldn’t have thought to go into any of them if I had not seen them on twitter.

In each case, something in their tweets had jogged my memory as I walked past.

Most of the time, I probably don’t even realise that this is happening and, except for the clever cafe owner who has a different twitter offer every day, most of the owners have no way of tracking this.

 Has Twitter prompted you to use a local business?

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