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July 2, 2011

Thanks to Michelle Holmes in the Entrepreneur’s Circle, I managed to get an invite to Google Plus, which is in beta at the moment.

I love the idea of the circles  in Google Plus, so that you choose which circles of friends or acquaintances see which posts, although I’m still getting my head around who sees what – I need to play with it a bit more.

 Shimrit Ben-Yair, the product manager says:

“With Facebook I have 500 friends — my mom’s my friend, my boss is my friend, so when I share on Facebook, I overshare. On Twitter, I undershare, because it’s public. If Google hits that spot in the middle, we can revolutionize social interaction.”

I have always used Facebook for business, even through my personal profile, so I don’t have so many issues as to the divide between my private and business life as is the case with some people.  For those who are concerned to keep the two separate, Google+ may be the answer.

I read somewhere that Facebook has 170 posssible privacy settings. This is mind boggling. One of the problems with Facebook is that it is so confusing and you are never quite sure who sees what.

Personally I’m not so keen at the moment on the Hangout feature, but that’s just because I don’t like speaking live over the web. I turned off Facebook chat as it was interrupting me all the time.

I can’t see how I’d ever have time just to “hang out and chat with people”.

I can see, however,  how the hangout feature will be good for group planning discussions – it saves organising a physical meeting. I will just need to overcome my personal aversion to anything to do with phoning in or chatting live over the web. I prefer being physically face to face.

The other point to take into account is the increase to your e-mail traffic.

I think that Twitter have recently changed things, as I am getting e-mails when people mention me, as well as details of new followers. This is quite handy, but means more e-mails to wade through.

Google Plus also e-mail notifications.

I have set up a divert so that any e-mails from Facebook, Twitter or LinkedIn go into a separate folder and don’t interrupt me whilst I am working. I check the folder quite frequently, though, and am forever deleting irrelevant e-mails. Google Plus is only going to add to that.  I’ve changed all my LinkedIn group notifications to once a week, or “never” and have turned off notifications for Facebook groups. Next I’ll be looking at the Google Plus settings.

Do you have any tips for controlling notifications?

Am sure there is a lot more to come for Google Plus – so will wait in anticipation.

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  1. Do you have any invites for Google+? I’m trying to find one without any luck :/ Thanks

  2. Does your gmail address have 3 “s” or two? I think there’s a typo. Will try to send you an invite.

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