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Twitter in Action

June 29, 2011

 There are so many instances where social media brings new business that I don’t always write them down or remember them, but I really should do, because practical examples of social media in action are a huge help for people who “just don’t get it”.

Take today, for example, I tweeted a link to a networking event that we are running on 13th July.

My twitter stream shows up on my LinkedIn page.

I received an e-mail via our website from someone asking about how they could become a client of thebestofnorwich.

How did she find me?

A few weeks ago, she came to a ladies networking event that I co-run.

I “Link” up with people on LinkedIn to say hello after I’ve met them at an event.

She saw my tweet  on my LinkedIn page and booked to come to our 13th July bestofnorwich networking event.

Whilst she was booking that, she browsed around the rest of our website and found our “contact us” form to enquire about becoming a client.

A brilliant example of how face to face networking and online networking can combine with a good website to drive new business.

All without any cold calling.

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