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I’m going to ignore my own advice

June 28, 2011

Chris and I run social media training workshops, where people bring along their laptop and we show them how to get set up on twitter, facebook or LinkedIn and use it for business.

We always advise people to have a personal profile – people buy from people, and it’s hard to chat to a “brand” when you don’t know who you’re actually chatting with. I’ve had times when I’ve been chatting on twitter but been really put off because I don’t even know if I’m chatting to a man or a woman, or even the same person.

However, I am about to break my own rule and ignore my own advice.

Chris and I own and run thebestofnorwich, which is a fantastic way for local businesses to find more business and increase their local profile.

We have owned thebestofnorwich for about 5 and half years.

Over the past two years we have been helping our clients with their social media as well as promoting them via our own personal twitter and facebook accounts.

When I was in the office of one of my new bestofnorwich clients, I ended up sitting at their desk sorting out their facebook page for them.

They asked me if we could train their staff and run open workshops, so I said yes, of course. Chris was an IT training manager in a previous life, so he was in an ideal position to run training workshops. He also has the technical knowledge to help people with their laptops – amazing how many people struggle to get their laptops up and running at the workshops.

The workshops were very popular. Not knowing what was the done thing, we just set up a workshop to run once every week and then looked at filling them. One e-mail filled most of the days – but then we do have a big database and have experience in writing e-mails that sell.

At the same time, I had been helping a client by setting up his facebook page and running a facebook campaign for his new book.

This might sound a bit sad, but Chris and I spend a lot of our time reading up about social media – we were using twitter right from the early days, when people used to look at us askance when we talked about it. We were talking about Foursquare just a few months after it came over to the UK. We’ve been keeping an eye on QR codes for a while now.

This puts us in an ideal position to help local businesses with their social media. It’s our passion.

So, why am I ignoring my own advice?

I want to create a personal brand that extends to social media marketing advice, and my personal profile is the place to do that.

I had already opened a twitter account in the name of thebestofnorwich, to prevent anyone else using that name, but it was annoying me that the account didn’t do us justice – it just had a tweet saying follow @sarajgreenfield.

Anything that we add to thebestofnorwich website currently streams onto my page. I am going to change that, so that it streams onto thebestofnorwich page, and I can then re-tweet things from my personal profile.

That way, I will still be able to promote my bestofnorwich clients (in fact it will benefit them as they will be tweeted two or three times  – once by thebestofnorwich and then also by myself and/ or Chris.)

It will create more work and I may have shot myself in the foot because until I get the bestofnorwich twitter account looking good and make sure that I include personal interaction, it may damage the brand……but I’m giving it a go and will see what happens.

As they always say “rules are there to be broken”!

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